Sunday, January 17, 2016

Arcade Stream competition in Seoul, South Korea

So I got a chance to go to Arcade Stream yesterday. It's the only place to play Street Fighter in Korea with a lot of great players from all over the world. I participated in a tournament, but had to leave early sadly. Infiltration, Poongko, and Xian were there. It's exciting to have such caliber of players (even the one you might not know) in the area. Should be a good year. If you ever get to come here definitely check it out. The players range from beginners to Evo Champ. If you aren't sure how to get here, check out this video by Core-A gaming. Give them a follow also on YouTube:

If you want to watch these monthly tournaments be sure to subscribe or follow Arcade Stream on Twitch here

Here are some vids of my in casuals and tournament, including Infiltration completely zoning the shit out of my T.Hawk.


Vs Infiltration

Vs Hydebuffy


Vs Dunbine

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