Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Do tiers matter?

I wanna go more in depth with this later on, but short and quick version. Depends a lot on the match ups and gap between tiers. You can have a low tier characters that has good matches vs commonly picked top tiers. So that character migth be low tier, but get you far. Also if the gap is small in tiers, generally you are good to go if you have knowledge.

Character specialist seem to by dying off as time goes on. I only bring this up since SFV is coming out. Play who you find fun and figure them out. You might take a lot of L's, but winning with a lower tier character or counter picked match always is the best feeling for me.

So here is a short vid of my buddy playing Birdie in Alpha 2. Birdie is considered pretty bad, but hey, match up knowledge and using his tools he does well. Also that CC hurts like hell.

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