Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Some vids!

Sorry its been awhile. My work has had me occupied. That being said I have some vids for your viewing pleasure.

This first video shows Karin and her max chip potential. This is one of those things known as a gimmick that only works against people who don't know how to counter. The 3rd rekka hit is +1 and c.lp is 3 frames which will counter hit. They key to countering is to jab in between the 2nd and 3rd rekka.

This next video is two matches I had vs GamerBee. It got laggy so we stopped playing.

These last vids are just some Necalli tech. The first one shows linking super off counter hit MAX range stomp. The second is not my video, but a great one detailing meaty stomp. 

This final video is the top 8 at the Magicstick Cup event in Korea. I came in 5th overall. The video showcases Poongko, MadKof, and Infiltration.

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