SFA2 Hitboxes

I compiled most the hitboxes in the game awhile back. I just have a few more to finish then I'll do Alpha 3. They'll be here when I get more time. I already gave them all to Keiko's blog in the meantime.

Hitbox explanation in older games:

Red hitboxes represent what is hitting, blue is where you can be hit. When red touches blue, a hit occurs. If no blue overlaps, such as the hitbox above, that area is invincible to attacks. As you can see Adon's c.mp is very good at destroying low attacks.

Some moves have 2 separate hitboxes. This is frame 3 (above) and frame 4 (below) of Ryu's smp.

Green boxes are the "impassable space" your character occupies. This is why you can not walk through each other. Some specials have this to push you away. Rose's Soul Spark does this to the extreme.
HP Soul Spark

Throws are represented by a yellow box. If the yellow touches blue it will grab.
Running Bear Grab

Murderer Chain

Bull Revenger

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